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Storyteller Catering


Catering Menu

💕 Special Valentine's Box Catering Box 💕

2 Beef Sliders + 2 Chicken Sliders + 2 Prawn Kebabs + 2 Bao Buns + Chipotle Chicken Salad + 4 Brownie Bites + Seasonal Fruit

All in a Valentines decorated box!


Freshly Baked Box

6 Scones, choose from:
Cheese or Feta + Spinach + Tomato

6 Muffins, choose from:
Chocolate Chip or Raspberry & White Chocolate


Chicken Salad 

Serves 10 -12 as a side:

Chipotle Chicken + Grilled Stonefruit + Roquette + Cashews + Goat Cheese + Honey Labneh


Orzo Vegetable Salad

Serves 10 -12 as a side:

Beetroot + Pumpkin + Capsicum + Pine Nuts + Vinaigrette


Bao Buns

12 per box, choose from:

Pork Belly + Asian Slaw + Hoisin or Fried Chicken + Roquette + Kewpie Mayo



12 per box, choose from:

Fried Chicken + Parmesan + Roquette + Chipotle or Beef + Cheddar + Burnt Butter Mustard


Meat Box

Serves 12, choose from:

Spiced Lamb Rump + Mint Chimichurri or Venison + Doris Plum Jus or Eye Fillet + Horseradish Bearnaise


Storyteller Sharing Platter

Serves 4-6:

Pork Belly Bao + Fried Chicken + Lamb Croquettes + Curry Mayo + Fry Bread + Fries + Prawn Skewers + Grilled Zucchini + Heirloom Tomatoes w/ Feta Whip.


Dessert Box

Serves 12:

Chocolate Brownie Bites + Berry Cheesecake Bites + Fresh Fruit


Please read before ordering


Tues - Sunday 9am-4pm
Please email if you require catering outside of these hours.


We require 72 hours notice


Pick up is from Storyteller Eatery & Bar
221 Mahoe Street, Te Awamutu


Email us on, for delivery options.


Please include any dietary restrictions in our email when placing the order.

Whilst we cater to dietary requirements and take great care during our food prep process, please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as nuts, meat, egg, soy diary, and gluten.

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